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Hose Storage and Shelf Life

ISO/TR 17165-2 states that the shelf life of hose as bulk hose or as hose made of 2 or more materials should not exceed 40 quarters (10 years) from the date of manufacture of the hose if stored in accordance with ISO 2230. After all cases of hose storage, if visual inspection gives rise to any doubts as to the functionality of the hose (cracks in the cover, rust etc), pressure testing should be carried out
before use or the hose should be disposed of. Hose assemblies should always be considered as safety relevant components, so no risks should be taken.

Hose storage – Best practices:

  • Store in a clean, cool and dry area
  • Avoid direct sun light or moisture
  • Do not store near high power electrical equipment
  • Avoid contact with corrosive chemicals
  • Avoid Ultraviolet light
  • Avoid insects/rodents
  • Avoid radioactive materials

We rate the shelf life for the high and low pressure at 10 years from manufacture, when the hose storage best practices are followed. All of our hoses have a date code printed on the cover that can be used to determine the expiration date.